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[Metal Detox]

Stop hair breakage
& color shift.



Hair is stronger,
2 x shinier.1

-97%hair breakage in one use.2
​100% true-to-tone, long lasting color.3

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Loreal pro metal detox cream picture
Loreal pro metal detox cream picture
Loreal pro metal detox cream picture
Loreal pro metal deox cream picture

Where does metal in hair come from?

When water erodes metal piping, it can overload with metal particles, such as copper.
Wash after wash, these metal particles can penetrate your hair fibers.

Loreal pro metal deox cream picture
Inside metal
Outside metal

Why is metal dangerous?

Metal inside the fiber is the most dangerous as it creates risks of breakage & color shift :
It can create damage to the hair fiber, undesirable reflects can appear & negatively impact color quality

Loreal pro metal deox cream picture

The solution:

Metal Detox protocol is concentrated with Glicoamine, a molecule small enough to penetrate inside the fiber and neutralize metal, for 97% less hair breakage & true-to-tone, long-lasting color.

Loreal pro metal deox cream picture

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-97% hair breakage in just one use.1
100% true-to-tone, long lasting color.2

Start your Metal Detox now:​

Loreal pro metal deox cream picture


Anti-metal cleansing cream shampoo.​
Sulfate free.

Gently removes metal particles from hair.
The fiber is detoxified for intact color vibrancy with intense shine.

Loreal pro metal deox cream picture

Step 2

Protecting mask.

Protects the fiber from particle deposit.
Hair is instantly moisturized, stronger, smoother & softer.

Loreal pro metal deox cream picture

Step 3

Protecting concentrated oil.

Daily protects the fiber from particles deposit.
Hair is more nourished, stronger, shinier & replumped.

Step 4

Anti-metal high protection cream.​

Removes metal & protects hair against UV & heat. Hair is intensely moisturized, strengthened, with more definition.​

How to use Metal Detox?

Metal detox cream video cover

The reviews

Why consumers love Metal Detox.

Love it so far!
I only bought this recently so I tried it just for a couple of times but so far I'm very happy with the results.
I like the scent and my hair looks really nice and smooth.
I've tried a few other shampoo from high end brands but I didn't get the same effect so I might stick with this one for some time.
I'm really happy with the purchase to the point that I'm considering to buy the mask as well.

I'm impressed.
I'm so impressed with this product.
I bought it as I've moved into an area with hard water which was making my hair feel horrible and greasy within a day.
I also have balayage.
After washing it felt soft and the colour was better too.
I left it 4 days before washing and it still wasn't greasy.
I highly recommend.

The most beautiful shampoo/cleanser for the hair.​
This shampoo is a serious game changer, I love the fragrance.
Since using it on my hair after my latest hair colour, my hair has never been in better condition not to mention the incredible SHINE!!!!!!

Gentle and light.
It really helps to keep my colour looking good for longer.
And it is very light and gentle on your scalp.
You don't ned much at all so it should last a while.
I am very pleased with it.

Strong zesty smell, shiny results.​
This shampoo has a very strong fresh zingy zesty smell.
The shampoo is of thick consistency and feels quite heavy when working into hair, a little goes a long way.
I have bleached and coloured damaged hair.
I used this without conditioner so I could really see what the product did for my hair.
Initially my hair was quite knotty after washing and felt dry ( I have some bleach damage).
But once dry, my hair looked shiny and voluminous.
The scent has staying power too, which has its pros and cons depending if you like the smell as it with be for everyone.​

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