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Tecni Art Air Fix

13.90 € Recommended salon price



Air Fix

TECNI.ART | 250 ml

  • Fixing

  • Frizz control

Extra strong fixing spray


  • All hair types


  • Extra strong hold
  • Enhanced shine
  • Quick dry
  • No residue
  • UV filter


  • The Ionic Neutralizing System provides anti-static protection and 24hr anti-frizz action.

Extra-strong hairspray with a long-lasting hold. The Ionic Neutralizing System provides anti-static protection and 24hr anti-frizz action.

PRO TIP: Apply to dried or slightly wet hair. For added volume, spray directly on to the roots. To prevent static on towel-dried hair, spray air fix into hands then gently wipe over flyaway hair.

Now available in a compressed hairspray format for an improved intensive professional use
: volume 2X smaller, lasts as long, same performance.
- Reduced environmental impact:
-54% gas, -47% solvents, -38% metal = 3 tons of metal saved per year
- Improved professional use:
2X less space needed in salon
Ergonomic lighter format with a new nozzle to reduce tension in the wrist

Still available in 250ml and 400ml classical formats

Frizz Control Silky TecniArt Hair Result Photo


Step-by-Step Beachy Summer Hair

Andre Martens Hairdresser Photo
Andre Martens Hairdresser Photo

André Märtens

Hairdresser & Hair Artist

Tecni.Art Air Fix is THE must-have product for almost each styling, especially during my work at fashion week.

Find your salon to get the look

  1. Tecni Art Air Fix



    in salon only 15 mn


    For an undone and more natural curly beach result take not every stand (hair has to be washed and semi dried), only several and curl them with a curler only in the lengths. To strengthen the result use tecni.Art Air Fix 5 before curling.

  2. Beach Waves Wild Stylers Beach Effect



    in salon only 5 mn


    Take your fingers to “open” the curls and bring the hair in your preferred look – then finish the curly ends with Beach Waves spray and knead this stands a bit with your hands.

  3. 3


    in salon only 5 mn

    For a special summer effect spray the product on your hairline, dry it a bit with a blow dryer and go out and show your “shiny beachy curly summer look”!

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Tecni Art Air Fix


Air Fix

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