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Glow Stick Tecni Art

19.80 € Recommended salon price


Glow Stick

TECNI.ART | 10 g

  • Frizz control

  • Shine

Ultra shine and anti-frizz stick

Hair type

Dull, uncontrolled hair


• Ultra clean shine
• 24 hrs anti-frizz and anti-humidity
• Wax-like texture
• Grease-free, soft touch

Here comes girls' new best friend ! Glow Stick is everything you need for non-greasy yet excessive shine, always at hands’ reach.

Get the 0-frizz dazzling shine of socialites’ hair that resists extreme backstage conditions thanks to its smart wax-like texture in its pocket-sized packaging.

From drying air conditioning, to projectors and outfit changes, your hair no longer has anything left to fear: it'll stay perfect all day and night.

Glow Stick Result Hair
  1. Glow Stick



    at home

    Prep and texturize your hair with Pli by Tecni.Art.

  2. Glow Stick



    at home

    Dry your hair sleek. You can also use the Steampod for a sleek mane.

  3. Glow Stick


    Add shine

    at home

    For a perfect sleek and glowing look, use Glow Stick on the roots & lengths: it will add that dazzling clean shine.

  4. Glow Stick



    at home

    Simple as that, your sleek bob is ready to shine!

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Glow Stick Tecni Art


Glow Stick

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