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Stiff Paste Tecni Art Fixing

19.80 € Recommended salon price


Stiff Paste

TECNI.ART | 75 ml

  • Fixing

Compact reshapable hard paste


  • All hair types


  • Maximum hold
  • No stickiness or residue
  • No rigid hair
  • Reshapable


  • Combining putty texture and fixing polymers.

Putty Texture

Breakthrough putty texture for extremely matt destructured look with no stickness, no greasiness and no residue.

Fixing Polymers

The fixing polymers allows unlimited rechapability and a long lasting hold.

Maximum hold with no stickiness or residue. Transform your personal look into unique street-hair art. Express your style without any limits, totally free. No more rigid hair. Only reshapable looks.

Simply rub a small amount between your hands and apply on dry hair to create definition and movement.

TecniArt Fixing Hair Result Photo
Stiff Paste Tecni Art Fixing


Stiff Paste

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