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Sensi Balance Shampoo Scalp Hair Protection

11.52 € Recommended salon price


Sensi Balance Shampoo

SCALP | 250 ml

  • Hair protection

Gentle & clean sensitized scalp


  • Sensitizes scalp
  • Sensitive hair


  • De-sensitizes
  • Strengthens


  • A refreshing mix of haircaring ingredients to enable a de-sensitized scalp.


A combination of sorbitol derivative infusing your scalp and hair with important hydration and moisture.

VItamin PP

Performes a great balancing act, while being moisturizing to soothe the scalp and refresh hair in one step

A gently cleansing and scalp-comforting shampoo to enable instant relivation of a sensitized scalp.

Discover the Sensi Balance Shampoo exclusively in L'Oréal Professionnel salons.

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Sensi Balance Shampoo Scalp Hair Protection


Sensi Balance Shampoo

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