Reconstruct Masque ProFiber

35 € Recommended salon price


Reconstruct Masque

PRO FIBER | 200 ml

  • Repair

Long-lasting repair* Very damaged hair masque


  • Very damaged hair
  • Split ends
  • Very damaged cuticles & cortex
  • Chemically altered fiber
  • Hair subjected to multiple and agressive processes


  • Supple
  • Silky Soft
  • Reconstructed
  • Controlled
  • Long-lasting repair
  • Shiny hair


  • Originating from an advanced professional reconstructing* technology. This shampoo rids the very damaged fiber of impurities that damage it, whilst reviving the regenerating APTYL 100 in-salon protocol care effect.


After 15 years of intense research and 15 patents pending, l’Oréal Research laboratories have developed the most sophisticated haircare technology to date: the APTYL 100 molecular complex. By combining Aminosilane with a unique cationic polymer, L’Oréal Research has for the first time paved the way to a new generation of long-lasting haircare.

Long-lasting reconstructing* masque for very damaged hair. Especially designed for very damaged hair, the PRO FIBER Reconstruct mask extends and re-charges the PRO FIBER in salon treatment with APTYL 100 leaving the hair feeling new from roots to ends.

Very damaged hair is reconstructed* and controlled. The fiber is supple with a silky touch from root to tip.

*Instrumental test Reconstruct Shampoo + Technical Care Treatment followed by 4 shampoos. Superficial damage.
Recommended mask amount : 37g per head

Reconstruct Masque ProFiber


Reconstruct Masque

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