Packshot Mythic Oil Huile Scintillante

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Huile Scintillante

MYTHIC OIL | 100 ml

  • Nutrition

  • Shine

Oil sesame oil & almond oil


• Body and hair


• Shine
• Sparkle
• Softness
• Nourishment


• Preciously selected natural oils

Sesame oil

Know as the queen of oils, the sesame oil has been used for its healing properties for thousands of years in India. Enriched with Vitamin E and minerals, it nourishes the skin & hair. Above its soothing and tranquilizing virtues, it protects hair from sunlight.

Almond oil

Called the Greek nut by the Antique Romans, the Almond oil has been used for its soothing properties for thousands of years by Egyptian queens. Enriched with Vitamin F, it nourishes and softens the skin & hair, provides suppleness and smoothness to the hair.

Professional multi-tasking shimmering oil. The professional hair management empowered by highly concentrated oils. The secret of your hairdresser to enhance both body and hair with a shimmering veil. Highly concentrated with natural Sesame and Almond oils, its formula infused with mineral glitters, creates a scintillating effect on the body and leaves hair magnificent all the way to the ends.

Mythic Oil Result Hair


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Packshot Mythic Oil Huile Scintillante


Huile Scintillante

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