Eva Green, the incarnation of the lookà la Française

Eva Green a la francaise French Girl Hair

Eva Green is the incarnation of the look "à la française". Discover her je ne sais quoi through 3 simple steps : cut, color and styling.

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Les toits de Paris French Girl Hair
French Froissé French Girl Hair
  1. French Girl Hair Cut



    in salon only 20 min

    The first service for a total French look.

  2. French Girl Hair Color



    in salon only 35 min

    Subtle brown with effortless texturised lengths.

  3. French Girl Hair Styling



    in salon only 5 min

    Le chic à la française !

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A unique brownsignature

Eva Green French Girl Hair

Triple numbering with a 1ST natural reflect to express soft and subtle reflect but still visible.

- Subtle but visible
- Natural but Sophisticated
- Elegant but Easy to wear

Majibrown French Girl Hair

The 1st pro stylersallying texture & shine

French Froissé French Girl Hair

No need to sleep on your braids like French girls! Just use a professional gesture and our 2 new handbags favorites, providing messy texture on lengths and ends with natural shine:

- Messy Cliché, for ne hair
- French Froissé, for thick hair

Messy Cliché French Girl Hair

Like Eva Green find your own French style

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Eva Green French Girl Hair

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Matthew Collins Styling tutorial


Handpicked by our expert

French Girl Hair Matthew Collins
Hairdresser French Girl Hair

Matthew Collins


Matthew Collins is a Canadian born hair stylist and colorist, L’Oréal Professionnel brand ambassador, with a career spanning more than 12 years.

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