Wedding beauty: follow these tips to find your perfect hairstyle

To find a hairstyle that's perfect for your wedding day, it's best to meet with your stylist in advance to try a few different looks! Here are our tips for making the most of this preparation time...

Before making a final decision on your wedding hairstyle, it's a good idea to have already chosen your dress and accessories. These items, along with the ceremony décor itself, will help dictate the type of hairstyle you settle on.

Match your hairstyle to your dress and veil

When choosing your wedding hairstyle, you should make an appointment with your hairdresser well in advance to discuss the vibe of your wedding and perhaps even test a few different styles. For these consultations to be as efficient and satisfying as possible, it's important to give your stylist plenty of time to get to know both you and your hair!

Make sure to show your hair dresser a photo of the gown you've chosen, as well as any veil or hair accessories you might be wearing, to give them a better idea of the overall look you're going for. It can also be helpful to put together a selection of hairstyle inspiration photos (at least 3) so that they understand the kind of hairstyle that you like. He or she might be able to perfectly recreate one of your favorite styles or, alternatively, suggest a similar style that works better with the length or nature of your hair.

Indulge in a treatment... and even a color!

The stress and fatigue of preparation can sometimes show itself in your hair. Before there's even a difference to notice, get your ends trimmed and ask your hair professional for a treatment that will deeply nourish your locks– boosting strength and health. Even better? Ask for a "tone on tone" dye, a gloss treatment, highlights or even a subtle balayage to improve hydration and luminosity before your big day.

Your stylist will likely remind you not to wash your hair the morning of the event, even though it's tempting! This is because hair is easier to style and holds better between washes and, besides, you will likely have plenty of other things to take care of! Instead, rely on a dry shampoo and/or a dry conditioner such as the Brume Sublimatrice Dry Conditioner by L'Oréal Professionnel. Trust your stylist and know that any preparation will be worth it on your wedding day!

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