The wet pixie: for short mermaid hair

The wet pixie look combines two major recent hair trends: the tomboy cut and the wet look. This cutting-edge style is a new and elegant must-have look.


The tomboy cut: for girly girls too

These days, this short cut has become the norm to such an extent that it is considered a classic. Called the "pixie" cut, its bold femininity is undeniable. So, in order to take the look a step further and be at the forefront of trends, the cut needs to get wet. Are you- literally - ready to take the plunge for a wet pixie?

The wet pixie: a style for 21st century mermaids

"The wet pixie is ideal for square-, round- and even triangle-shaped faces, and looks best with thick, wavy hair" according to Denis Holbecq, a L'Oréal Professionel expert. "Great on brunettes, but a disaster for blondes" it awakens the aquatic goddess inside and brings her into the 21st century. With your hair slicked back behind, the wet look shows off your face without needing a single accessory. It's the ideal look for ladies who want to be soaked in style!

Bye bye Brylcreem, hello Depolish!

To achieve this shiny look, forget old-fashioned hair creams. Denis recommends using a clever blend of Depolish (a deconstructing paste) and Wet Domination Extreme Splash Gel. However, in order start with a full head of perfect volume pre-styling, it's best to go for a professional blow-dry before taking the plunge.

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