The half-bun on long hair: a young, nineties-inspired look

Between the half-ponytail and the top knot, the "hun" is a winner on even the longest of locks. Both graphic and rebellious, we're a fan of how easy it is to recreate and how simple it looks. The fashion world agrees...

A half-bun that doesn't do things by halves

Inspired by mini-buns and the half ponytail from the nineties, which have seen a comeback over the last few seasons, the high half-bun is an ultra modern top knot that's "very rock n'roll and youthful" according to Delphine Courteille, hairstylist at L'Oréal Professionnel. "It's an excellent next-day hairstyle for in-between washings!" This look can also be tried in its deliberately disheveled form.

Universal rebel allure

While most chignons are not recommended for long faces - as they lengthen the appearance of the face even more - the hun (half-bun) is an exception. It suits oval, round, triangular and square shapes, as well as all hair colors. All you need is good length, and no concerns about loose hair tickling your cheeks and neck. Why? Because the appeal of this look, apart from the half top knot, is "hair falling around your face".

Freshly-washed hair, see you tomorrow

Because the high half-bun for long hair depends on a messy yet meticulously-presented effect, it's best to create the look using hair that hasn't been washed for a few days. If you happen to have clean hair and want to try it regardless, there is a professional solution: the texturizing spray Next Day Hair by L'Oréal Professionnel, for a softly disheveled effect.

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