The bob with side-swept bangs

You don't need much to change the appearance of your face. A classic bob with bangs compared to one with a side part and fringe, for example, are very different looks. But it's not a one-or-the-other decision: they both come from the same cut!

Swept to one side, a bob with bangs brings softness

To blow some softness and curves into your clean-cut bob with bangs, you'll need a rotational axis. For this, the part should be moved to one side, with the bangs sweeping out to the opposite side. This creates a rounded bob effect, which surrounds the face gracefully and subtly. There's a reason why Taylor Swift, among other celebrities, opts for this style when she's not working her long blonde locks.

Length and body: the all-in-one bob

According to Denis Holbecq, hair stylist ambassador for L'Oréal Professionnel, the side-swept bob is "the right length to elongate a long face and give it some character, but also to balance out a triangular face". It's clear that, whatever the face-shape, this cut brings a sophisticated shape to hair.

The side-swept bob with bangs: a glamorous yet Sporty (Spice) look!

Victoria Beckham herself has made this cut one of her favorites. Firstly, for its relaxed yet chic appeal, but also for its easy maintenance. For this strong-minded woman, who juggles her work in fashion with being a busy mother of four, a hair faux-pas is absolutely out of the question!

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