The bob: thick and with bangs

Adding bangs makes a bob immediately look longer, even mid-length. Optical illusion or styling effect? Regardless, this cut is one of the best out there. But, be careful, it should only be tried with naturally thick hair (or expert layering) to avoid things falling flat...

A bob? Why not! But make it thick, and with bangs

To emphasize both your eyes and your deportment, there's nothing better than a shoulder-length bob with bangs. Elegantly perched above your eyes, it brings femininity, modernity and glamour to your silhouette. Thick or well-layered hair gives it even more depth.

A new-age babydoll bob with thick bangs

Our L'Oréal Professionnel expert, Denis Holbecq, loves the look: "[It's] a wild yet ultra-feminine style which complements every face shape. For medium-to-thick hair, brown and copper shades will accentuate density." In short, this babydoll look is a revisited version of the popular sixties style, with a touch of 21st century minimalism.

A bob with bangs also works well with the wet look

Backstage at fashion shows, hair stylists seem to love turning this style into a wet look. Thanks to its abundance of volume, it's the perfect style - as it doesn't go flat nor lose its panache! Despite being covered in gel and wax, it gracefully retains its identity. That being said, for an everyday look, we prefer it au naturel, sexily tousled according to your preference.

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