The bigger the better: lets talk about XXL bangs

When it comes to bangs, this season revolves around the trend that bangs are better when bigger! But how do you get such XXL bangs? And would they suit you? We've got all the professional tips you need to know...

Will my face shape suit XXL bangs?

There are bangs for every face shape, but these piecey, voluminous bangs are especially flattering on square faces, as they add volume to the upper half of the face, balancing out the proportions. They also suit round-shaped faces, although the one caveat is to ensure the sides are subtly tapered and are longer than the center section.

How to get XXL bangs

Many a time we've heard horror stories about girls cutting their own bangs, only to find they're far too short or completely uneven. And bad bangs are hard to hide...

This is why we recommend asking a professional hair stylist to cut your bangs. They will know exactly at which point to cut, how to taper, and how to add volume without making the bangs look heavy. At home, keep your hair healthy and happy by using shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair's specific needs, such as those from the Inforcer by Serie Expert collection.

Styling XXL bangs

Getting big bangs is easier than you might think, but the key is in making them last all day. After washing and gently squeezing excess water from the hair with a towel, spritz on some Pli thermo-modeling spray by Tecni.ART. Use a round brush as you blow dry, curling the hair around it, and lifting the bangs up and away from the face. Run your fingers through the bangs to break them up a little, then finish with a strong-hold hairspray such as Infinium, which is lightweight, with no 'crunchy' texture.

Add a bit of volume and length to your bangs, and you'll be at the forefront of fashion all season long!

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