Super straight - street style

On-the-go women don't have time for frizz or less-than-perfect hair. We're taking to the streets to check out some of the best pavement stomping hairstyles, with one requirement: it has to be a straight-talking look!

Ombre lady

No matter the weather, the traffic or the long meetings, an ombre delivers a little ray of sunshine into any room. When straight and glossy, that's when we really appreciate a professional color gradation, enhancing the complicated but gorgeously intense bronde hues.

Wet-look wonder woman

The wet look isn't just for looking smoking on the beach, it feels quite at home on the city streets too! The key behind a wet look, that doesn't just look greasy, is contrast. Keep one side slick at the roots, while the other side and lengths remaining voluminous and healthy. Try the Extreme Splash gel from the Wet Domination line. Apply a small amount to your palm then sweep the hair up and around to the side.

The root of the answer

The answer to this stunning flyaway look is all in the roots. Don't be afraid of hiding them anymore – shadow roots are a thing! Let your roots be a part of your entire look instead of dictating how often you go to the hair salon. For light and floaty hair minus the frizz, try applying a nut-sized amount of Liss Control cream onto just-washed hair then blow dry.

Blunt and to the point

This deep brunette shade uses blunt edges and glossy, never-ending locks to make a serious statement. The Majirel hair color service by L'Oréal Professionnel offers several similar French brown shades which can then be kept glossy and voluminous by using nourishing treatments like those from the Nutrifier line by Serie Expert. Ensure you revisit your stylist regularly for trims to keep the blunt, healthy finish.

Image Credits: L'Oréal Professionnel

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