Match the look: bob vs. pixie

What if a bob wasn't just a regular bob? And what if a pixie was more than *just* a pixie? And what if we put these two modern interpretations of classic hairstyles up against one another in a Match the Look? Guess what... we just did!

Shaggy bob

The hairstyle: the bob can be worn in loads of ways, but one of this year's most popular styles channels the iconic 1970s shag hairstyle, originally made famous by celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart and Jane Fonda. A more natural, sleek and piecey texture launches it onto the modern stage.

The style: a side part is a great way to show off the different tones in your hair, whether you're blonde, brunette or redhead. Keep roots shiny, soft and healthy while adding a touch of voluminous texture by using a gel like Wild Stylers Scruff Me to rough up the lengths all the way to the ends.

What the editors say: This unisex hairstyle works just as well now as it did back in the seventies. We love this version, worn on the catwalk alongside a naturally rosy complexion and pink lip, contrasting with a power suit and prints!

Pixie bowl

The hairstyle: the pixie cut has grown out its bangs, flicking them forward over the forehead in a modern interpretation of the traditional 1990s boyish bowl cut. Glossy and voluminous, this hairstyle keeps all the femininity of the pixie whilst playing with an intriguing, androgynous side.

The style: This look is all about keeping the hair bouncy and shiny. The key is to avoid weighing it down with too much product. We recommend Tecni.ART's Natural Finish hairspray, which gives shine and a natural-looking, weightless hold.

What the editors say: another hairstyle that looks great on boys and girls alike, the pixie feat bowl-cut style accentuates the eyes and gives its wearer added height and elegance, highlighting the jaw line.

Which androgynous approach will turn your head this season?

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