How to wear bangs with curly hair

Girls with curly hair often hesitate to get bangs because they aren't sure how to style them. If you've been eager to take the leap, read on to learn about how you can pull off bangs and still be able to rock your gorgeous curls. Next time you're at the hairdresser's, ask your hairstylist to give you one of the types of bangs below. Any style you choose is sure to look great – it just depends on your own personal preferences!

Wispy bangs for curly hair

Piecey, wispy bangs are great for girls with curls because they're thin and not too voluminous. They are fairly easy to take care of and allow a bit of your forehead to peek through, making them look very natural.

70s bangs for curly hair

70s style bangs, often called ''curtain bangs'' are long, parted down the middle, and fall on either side of the face. They can make your face appear slimmer and they curl naturally at the ends, allowing them to blend into curly hair in a very effortless way.

Baby bangs for curly hair

Not only are 90s baby bangs back and in style this year, they look even more in vogue on someone who has curly hair. They contrast really well with curls, and their short length keeps them from ever becoming frizzy or unruly. If you're a fan of the neo-grunge style then these bangs are for you.

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