How to best show off my neck: a pixie cut or a short bob?

Changing your hairstyle can add energy, improve your mood and update your overall look. After summer, your ends may be dry and damaged. Give your hair a fresh start with a short cut. But, between a boyish pixie and a short bob, which one is right for you?

The pixie cut

The hairstyle

This modern version of the 1930s boyish hairstyle is just as cheeky now as it was back then. It encourages full-out rebellion against traditional feminine beauty codes, and gracefully reveals the neck.

The style

There's nothing cuter than a pixie cut paired with a little preppy dress, the hairstyle exposing your face and cheekbones. With the opposite style, a graphic look for example, the minimalist effect is spot-on, emphasized by the boldness of the cut. Whatever your desired final look, a pixie cut always adds a touch of "je ne sais quoi", which makes all the difference!

The editors say

Whether you opt for smooth, curly, tousled or wet-look hair, the pixie cut adapts to all styles. Balancing between innocence and insolence, we love its versatility and the stylish bravery needed to give it a go.

The short bob

The hairstyle

The "clavicut" (shoulder-length hair or "lob") is everywhere, but its shorter version, the bob, still has a reputation as being for beautiful fashionistas only. However, it is an excellent choice for softly shaping the face, or hiding it, depending on your mood...

The style

The short bob is both minimalist and extremely feminine: exposing a part of your neck while also flattering your jaw line. Because it has some length to it, you can still wear it in a half ponytail or even a "hun" (half bun), which both look super chic with a short cut.

The editors say

Whether you wear it smooth, wavy, tousled or with bangs, the bob always has a lot of charm. The perfect balance between a short boyish cut and feminine length, it's the ideal compromise for those who daren't go too short.

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