High or low: the ponytail duel!

Do you prefer to take the high road or the low road when it comes to your ponytail? Both can be as glossy or as messy as you like, but each has its very own, unique pony-personality. Vote for which one you'd go for at a gallop!

Sky-high aspirations

You're no wallflower: you love showing off you locks, neck and cheekbones all at the same time! The high ponytail has an innate dramatic side, but can also be tamed by loosening it and leaving a few sections of hair to frame the face: a good transition from work to play. For a super smooth and shiny finish, use a hair serum after your shampoo and conditioner. Focus on the tips, then run your palms over the top of your head to avoid your hair looking greasy, not glossy.

Low and lovely

Chic, neat and highly effective, the low ponytail keeps your hair out of your eyes and creates the impression of a long, swan-like silhouette. A messy low option can be good for a daytime weekend look but for the working week it's all about serious shine. As with the high ponytail, a serum will smooth any split ends or flyaways, and a comb will help detangle and create the perfect low ponytail. Using a transparent elastic, or one that matches your hair color, will add a further element of sophistication to your style.


Why choose one when you can have both? We've put our heads together and decided that we'll be wearing a low ponytail next time we have a business meeting to attend (and maybe promotions to be had...) and the high ponytail will be our go-to girls-night-out option. The best of both worlds, yee-ha!

Image credits: Pixelformula

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