Athleisure braids: the easy urban hairstyle trend

Forget sweaty ponytails and buns that keep falling out of place, now there's a new hairstyle on the trend radar that's perfect – not only during your gym class – but for before and after too!

Where serious sport meets urban athleisure

When it comes to your hair during a workout, the challenge is simple: how do you keep your hair out of your face without hiding it completely, and ideally look fierce at the same time? The answer comes in the form of these boxer braids, a triple weave of femininity, urban attitude and practicality.

A no-sweat step-by-step tutorial

You sporty girls don't have time to waste on complicated hairstyles, there's working out to be done! No problem, here's how to achieve your boxer braids without breaking a sweat (that's for later.)

Step 1:
Create a clean center part using a comb.

Step 2:
Separate a front section of one side into three.

Step 3:
Dutch braid the sections – weaving pieces under each other, not over like a French braid – and keeping adding hair as you braid.

Step 4:
When you reach the nape of your neck, braid normally all the way down and tie with a small elastic.

Step 5:
Repeat on the other side, et voilà! The trick is to maintain the tension all the way down the braid, which will prevent flyaways and give a more uniform finish.

A sporty look for any occasion

Ssshh, don't tell anyone, but you don't actually have to step into the ring (or even the gym) to be able to pull off these boxer braids. Society's latest trend, athleisure, sees urban, sporty outfits and hairstyles worn as part of everyday looks. Think 90s-inspired track pants contrasted with graphic prints and textured hairstyles (like these boxer braids) for a unique and contemporary vibe. The perfect blend of athletics-meets-leisure!

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