6 best haircuts for wavy hair

Not quite curly, but far from poker straight, there are so many ways you can wear wavy hair – whether you're naturally blessed or know how to fake it. If you have short hair, thin hair or even frizzy thick hair, you have a wave of options. Here are our six best hair cuts and styles for wavy hair!

Haircuts for wavy hair: short

Short hair that falls above the shoulders can look fantastic in waves. One of the biggest trends this year (and one we often see on the red carpet) is a bob styled into piecey waves with blunt ends. This style looks its best when worn with subtle highlights and lowlights that draw attention to the waves.

Top tip: For a soft matte finish, we recommend Super Dust by Tecni.ART. Simply shake and sprinkle down the lengths before running your fingertips through the waves.

The best wavy updo

While they're mostly seen in long, loose looks, waves can look fantastic in updos too. A half-up hairstyle can be the best of both worlds: you can show off your waves while keeping the hair away from your face and showcasing your neck. Use a clasp or elastic to secure the front sections in a low bun, braid or ponytail at the back.

Top tip: Leave a few sections of hair loose when styling your updo to add a carefree vibe to your look.

Wavy haircuts for frizzy thick hair

If your hair is thick and unruly, you'll need the help of a professional hair stylist when it comes to getting perfect wavy locks. They will be able to thin the appearance of your hair using cutting and layering techniques. Make the most of the volume but forget about frizz by using a hairspray like the Fix Anti-Frizz from Tecni.ART, which also comes in a small, purse-sized format for on-the-go frizz control.

Top tip: Use a diffuser when drying your hair to prevent frizz and encourage voluminous loose waves.

Boost thin hair with waves

Waves can also help naturally thin hair look thicker – the important element is to lift the roots so the waves don't lie flat against the head and emphasize the lack of body. A volumizing shampoo and conditioner like those from the Volumetry collection by Serie Expert is a good place to start. Afterwards, before drying and styling, apply a thickening lotion like the Volume Architect spray – then get curling (it also works as a heat protectant)!

Top tip: Dry hair shampoo can help give volume and soak up oils – ideal for thin hair that quickly becomes greasy.

Haircuts for naturally wavy hair

Are you lucky enough to be born with naturally wavy hair? The best hair cuts for your waves are those that frame the face and show off the undulations to your hair. Long and layered, for example, is very flattering to the face when styled in a center part with the front sections falling in front of your ears. It's also a look that helps soften hard face shapes such as a square jaw or strong chin.

Top tip: Naturally wavy hair looks great with different colors. Try an on-trend dark beige blond on brunette hair, or bright platinum highlights on blond hair.

Perfect Hollywood waves

Think classic wavy hairstyles, and you'll inevitably think of glossy Hollywood waves. But they aren't reserved solely for the A-list elite: full, tumbling and shiny waves can be achieved in the comfort of your own home thanks to the appropriately-named Hollywood Waves hair styling collection. Choose between Waves Fatales - to sculpt fine and naturally wavy hair - and Siren Waves - for defining glossy waves on straight hair.

Top tip: Hollywood waves require larger waves than a more natural look. When curling, take hair sections of around 5cm wide and wrap around your curler for no more than ten seconds to create that big, bouncy Hollywood style.

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