L’Oréal Professionnel takes on the Glow

Inspired by the trend in the beauty world, Glow has found its way into haircolor! Think the opposite of contouring and you’re on the right track, this trend is all about subtlety and loads of high shine, for your most luminous self yet. Keep scrolling to find out why Majirel Glow from L’Oréal Professionnel is the best way to embrace this hair color trend, and get ready for a seriously shiny transformation.

Why is glow trending?

The glow trend has created a stir in the beauty world, lighting up makeup and skincare, and it’s not glowing (we had to) anywhere. Born out of a desire for a subtle alternative to the more bolder trends, the focus of the glow movement is about capturing that dewy and radiant finish. In the makeup world, it was created as the opposite of contouring (which focuses on multiple layers for definition), and is all about seamless transitions and embracing natural beauty. This concept has shifted into the hair color world, with an emphasis on shine, luminosity and coolness, things you definitely want to find in your hair color.

How can I get my glow on?

No more compromising between cool tones and extreme luminosity. Now there’s a way to get cool natural results without losing luminosity and shine. To get glowy hair, you need Majirel Glow, the first* translucent permanent hair color. It works by neutralising your warm hue to give you extreme luminosity and a subtle natural finish, while boosting cool reflections for a dimensional result. This treatment is versatile, meaning it works on all bases, including natural, previously colored and even on a few grey hairs- so now everyone can get their glow on!

Who suits the glow haircolor ?

With 18 intermixable shades available, this range offers the perfect way to add some radiance and light to your locks, giving a natural color and translucent color veil. Whether you have natural or colored hair, a light or a dark base, Majirel Glow can be applied to give you a cooler color for a neutralized finish and extreme luminosity. With a palette suitable for any base, it ups the level of light reflection in your hair, ideal if luscious, shiny strands are what you’re after (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that).

Choose your glow

While you’re at the salon, you have two Glow services depending on if you have natural or colored hair. For those with natural hair, ask for a Glow service. The shade you want can be applied all over or just in certain areas to add dimension to your natural color. For those who have already colored their hair before, ask for a Glow Refresh service to neutralize any brassy tones that may appear, to keep your color where you want it. And custom-made color doesn’t stop there. From subtle ash, to iridescent, to beige and mochas, now you can choose how you Glow... For those with highlights, experts recommend Dialight from L’Oréal Professionnel to properly care for your color.

Get up and glow with the ultimate translucent hair color, adding shine, dimension and coolness to your hair, for a multidimensional result and an elegant natural contrast, that’s just so French! Try it now!

*By L’Oréal Professionnel