How does the new Glow technology work?

Are you looking for luminosity and shiny finish in your hair? Do you want to eliminate brassy tones? Are you craving a natural-looking finish? If you’re nodding along to everything you’re reading, then we’ve got the solution for you: introducing L'Oréal Professionnel Majirel Glow. The first* translucent and permanent hair color, that gives a neutralized finish while revealing extreme luminosity.
We take a closer look at what this new hair color has to offer your hair and how it can boost your color’s radiance.

What is Majirel Glow?

Inspired by the glow - natural and radiant - trend in the makeup world, this innovative and permanent hair color is what you need to elevate your hair aesthetic for cool natural results. Based on the glow technology, it provides high neutralization and extreme luminosity, all in the same handy little tube. With a palette of 18 Glow shades, from ash, to iridescent, beige and mocha, it’s just a question of choosing your Glow color veil to suit you.

How does it work ?

Majirel Glow is formulated with new dyes balance, boosted in cool reflects for more natural translucency in the color result, less opaque versus a traditional permanent hair color. This new Glow formulation gives you 4x more transparency** and boosts reflection by +50%*** increasing the light in your hair, to really turn on the shine.

Who is it for?

Glow is for everyone, whether you have natural or already colored hair, from light to dark hair or even a few greys.
The palette of 18 shades from light to dark is specially formulated for each base type. If you’ve noticed warm tones cropping up in your hair, or perhaps your regrowth is starting to show, or maybe you just need to add some shine or dimension to your color, then you’ve come to the right place. Majirel Glow from L’Oréal Professionnel is for anyone seeking a visible yet subtle color veil.
Only your colorist can offer you the service that suits you: for natural hair, the GLOW service is perfect to amplify dimension, shine and luminosity in your hair. For already colored hair, the Glow refresh service refreshes and neutralizes unwanted brassy tones, leaving hair looking its best. We’ve heard nothing but glowing praise for this new color !
With 18 intermixable shades for your stylist to work with, your hair is now your canvas to find the right personalized glowy color just for you.

What results can be achieved ?

From global to partial, from subtle color lights to full head application, the color results are endless with Majirel Glow. Depending of your natural base, your percentage of grey hair, your hair diameter, and your color history, the Glow result can vary.
Only your colorist can gives you the glowy color result that suits you. Book your pre-color consultation in a salon to explore the limitless ways to rock these shades today.

Put the shine back into your hair and glow baby glow, all thanks to Majirel Glow.

*By L’Oréal Professionnel
** Instrumental test
** Instrumental test vs Majirel core range