Wavy hair: French girl hair vs. the 70s blowout

Fringed and messy, or sophisticated and voluminous: which wavy look fits your style best? Hair Trend News compares two trends !

The French girl hair wavy look

The look: The waves are subtle, irregular, and just a bit messy. The bangs that go with this bob are long, but airy.

The style: This look illustrates what effortless beauty "à la française" is: chic, seductive and casual all at the same time!

What the editors think: Although the French girl hair look is a haircut (long hair with bangs), a style (wavy messy locks and unstructured bangs) and a hair color (French brown), anyone can try it!

The seventies blowout look

The look: Big, voluminous, thick waves cascade down either side of the face, and the hair is parted down the middle to create symmetry.

The style: Casual and very feminine, this seventies look will complement any outfit perfectly, whether it's for the office or a summer sundress!

What the editors think: Redhead, brunette, blonde: this blowout will look great on any color. But it really does look particularly amazing on blond locks!

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