Add a new dimension to your haircolor service!

Have you tried the 3D app Style My Hair? It’s a great tool for digitally experimenting with different haircolors. Now we have taken the technology even further with the new Style My Hair Pro, an application designed in collaboration with hairstylists around the world to help you advise clients on their haircolor choices in salon during every consultation.

What’s on Style My Hair Pro?

There are three main elements to this innovative mobile application.

Inspirational Moodboards

Keep up with all the latest trends and give your clients the most up-to-date recommendations with moodboards of trending looks. You can even upload your own looks and showcase them to your clients. 

3D Haircolor Try On

Use augmented reality technology to digitally “try on” different haircolors. This is fantastic for all clients, whether they have an exact shade in mind or if they’re contemplating a complete color transformation. The peace of mind that comes with knowing the outcome will have your clients coveting new color! This is a new way to explore color options that will make your clients’ appointments a dedicated, professional moment. For best results, Style My Hair Pro should be used on a tablet.

Digital Swatchbook

Have every shade by L’Oréal Professionnel to hand with this useful color portfolio. Once you’ve found the perfect shade, check the technical guide for application instructions. Using digital technology is also a good way to be eco-friendlier, by replacing the traditional paper or plastic swatchbook with a cool app!

Where to find Style My Hair Pro?

Curious about a complementary experience to your haircolor service? Try it out for yourself by downloading the free app from the App Store and Google Play store.

If you’re a client, ask your hairstylist if they already use Style My Hair Pro, and explore all its creative options together!