Male hair color: platinum blond vs. silver hair

Extra light hair colors like platinum blond and silver are really popular this season. Will you ask your hairstylist for one of them? If yes, which one?

Platinum blond

The color: Platinum blond is close to white in color, but has a golden aspect to it, without the shade looking too yellow.

The style: This color has a grunge androgynous feel to it. It can be customized any way you'd like; for example, if your hair is naturally dark, you can grow out a mustache or beard to create an interesting contrast between the top of your head and your face. Turn to celebrities like Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik for inspiration!

What the editors say: Platinum is a precious, rare metal. You might think that sporting this hair color would make you appear "flashy." However, rest assured: it's such a hot shade right now, you'll only look cool!

Silver hair

The color: Silver hair has a metallic allure to it, making it different and unique from traditional grey hair colors.

The style: This hair color can be an accessory in itself and complement nearly any outfit. Keep your overall look youthful by parting your hair to the side or by asking your hairstylist for a cut that will go well with your new silver shade – they'll know how to advise you!

What the editors say: A silver hair color has a futuristic feel and is as easy to obtain in-salon. It's a shade that's been trending for a while now, and lots of male models and celebrities are adopting it!

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