Is French girl hair or Rich girl hair more your style?

French girl hair and rich girl hair are both hot looks right now – they're so effortless, yet so sophisticated at the same time. If you had the opportunity to go to the salon tomorrow to get one of these looks, which one would you choose?

 French girl hair

The hairstyle: French girl hair is typically mid-length with long, piecey bangs or curtain bangs. The overall style is a bit messy, with a 70s vibe.

The style: French girl hair isn't just a hairstyle; it's a whole style in itself! To truly pull it off you need the right length, the right cut, and ideally, the right color (French brown hair).

What the editors say: Although brunettes pull off this look the best, blondes and red heads should still give it a try. If you tell your hairdresser you want the French girl hair haircut, they'll know what to do to help you rock it and make the style your own!


Rich girl hair

The hairstyle: Rich girl hair is long, wavy and shiny. It looks very luxurious, but it's important to get hair treatments regularly to keep your locks healthy.

The style: To pull off the style, you need to create slight waves in your hair. The trick is to only keep the curling iron on each section of hair for about two seconds – any more than that and the waves will be too defined, which isn't what you want for this look.

What the editors say: Rich girl hair is the like being able to have real-life princess hair. It's great for hippie chic looks, so add a flower crown and you'll be the Queen of any music festival this summer!

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