INOA Brown Resist hair colors for Fall: cold brown vs. mahogany brown

Blonde shades were popular during the hot, sunny summer. However, now that the weather's changing, it might be time to go darker for fall. This season, two L'Oréal Professionnel INOA Brown Resist brunette colors will be trending: cold brown and mahogany. Which one would you choose?

Autumnal cold brown

The color: Cold brown is very dark in color – almost black – without any golden, red, or copper tints.

The style: The depth of this brunette shade can make your eye color really pop, and looks especially great on girls who have fair skin tones.

What the editors say: This shade is rich and dramatic, but will add a touch of femininity and glamour to any hair length. The "cold" aspect makes it a perfect color to match the chilly fall and winter months ahead!

Autumnal mahogany brown

The color: Mahogany brown has red and orange undertones and can even look purple depending on the light.

The style: Mahogany brown is the perfect balance between copper, red and brown. This shade suits any hairstyle, especially retro neo pin-up looks!

What the editors say: A reddish brown hair color like Mahogany brown is one that will look great for the whole duration of the fall season. The different shades of red and orange will look gorgeous in the first weeks of the golden autumn sunlight, and then add warmth to those colder days in October and November! And since it's an INOA Brown Resist shade, you can rest assured that the color won't fade for a long time - not until after 42 washes, to be exact!

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