Because yes, brown hair tones can get brassy, too! Let’s take a look at how toner for brown hair helps neutralize unwanted red and orange tones to achieve the perfect cool tone brown hair color, and professional tips for how to take care of brown hair in salon!


Diagnosing warm brown hair tones

When explaining the benefits of toner for brown hair, it’s important for clients to understand exactly why they might need it in the first place. Whether virgin or colored, dark brown hair contains red undertones that can become more apparent for a variety of reasons, but mainly because:

  •  The hair has been chemically lightened. Lightening hair with bleach or ammonia reveals the hair’s undertones, which are red and orange in medium to dark brown hair. This is particularly a problem when clients attempt to DIY their hair color at home, as they almost always lack the products and, more importantly, the know-how to achieve professional results!
  •  The hair has been oxidized due to lifestyle factors. Spending a lot of time under the sun, using certain hair care and/or styling products, mineral deposits from shower water, and exposure to chlorine can also cause one’s cool tone brown hair to turn brassy. 

Neutralizing brown hair tones with the right toner

When it comes to brassiness, toner is your not-so-secret weapon to neutralize warm brown hair tones and achieve a sophisticated cool tone brown hair color for your clients! 

So, what is toner? Hair toner is a product that can be used on natural or color-treated warm tone brown hair to neutralize unwanted red or orange undertones. Some clients may be frightened by the idea that toner could change their hair color, so it’s important to emphasize that toner deposits tone only, in order to provide a natural-looking color that gradually fades away. It can be applied between color treatments to help your client’s hair color last longer.


What does toner do to brown hair? Toner for brown hair works to neutralize  brown hair tones by offsetting any unwanted warm or brassy tones in the hair. Because complementary colors neutralize each other, we know that hair with red undertones can be neutralized using matte (.7) tones, while orange undertones can be neutralized using ash (.1) tones. Using a toner can help your clients achieve popular cool brown shades like ashy brunette, mocha, and walnut! 

Duotone hair: how to add additional brown hair tones to a brown base hair color

Give your client’s cool tone brown hair color added dimension using a modern and sophisticated technique such as French Balayage (lien: french balayage) or Smoky Hair. Duotone hair (hair with two different shades) creates the most natural-looking effect with highlights and lowlights that are strategically applied to complement each client’s natural features for a tailor-made service only you can provide!