After the time and artistic effort spent using the balayage technique to color a client’s hair, ensure they get the most out of their look for longer by sharing this essential balayage haircare advice.

When it comes to conditioner, nutrition is the key word. The better the conditioning agents, the smoother the hair fiber, and the shinier the hair will look. Shine is color’s best friend, revealing the different shades created with the balayage technique.

How to maintain balayage hair color: special treatments

For hair that’s been lightened considerably, and/or multiple times, dryness and frizz may become an issue. This is where a weekly hair masque can really help as part of a balayage haircare routine.

A quality hair masque spreads a layer of conditioning agents along the fiber, which then has the time to penetrate and smooth the cuticles before the excess is rinsed away.

“Why are the cuticles so important?” you may be asked. Because the hair cuticles are the gateway to the color deposits: rough, open cuticles result in faster color loss. Optimal balayage haircare, therefore, is all about smoothing these cuticles and closing the gate to escaping pigments.

What’s more, every single cuticle scale is left closed, smoothing the surface and giving the hair a reflective, mirror-like shine.

Of course, the most effective way to maintain balayage hair color is through regular visits to the salon for a toning service. During this process, you can explain, a light wash of pigment is applied to the hair to neutralize any unwanted brassy undertones.

These develop due to the different sizes of color molecules. Blues and violets, which keep hair color cool or neutral, are smaller than pinks and oranges.

Therefore, they escape from the hair more easily, leaving behind a majority of warm tones which give the hair that brassy hue.

A balayage haircare toner replenishes the lost pigments, restoring your salon-perfect hair color.

Balayage hair: before and after

Balayage is so popular due to its subtle and custom finish. Before the balayage technique is applied (whether to create an ombre look, highlights, or another color effect), hair can look flat, dull and tired. But a well-placed balayage can be transformative; giving the impression that your client’s hair has been lightened naturally by the sun, bringing natural radiance to the complexion and complementing the skin tone. Hence the importance of adopting a good balayage haircare routine so as to get the most from their color, and for longer!

Growing out balayage hair color

When it comes to growing out color, balayage once again shows why it’s such a popular color technique: there’s no visible root line. Because color is applied at different points of various sections of hair, there’s no “helmet effect”. The lightened sections gradually move down the hair lengths as they grow. And the right balayage haircare routine will ensure the color stays perfect throughout.