One of the most commonly requested looks, a balayage hair color for blondes might sound simple for the client, but they don’t necessarily know all the different factors that go into the technique and finished result. The more educated your client, the better they’ll be able to make an informed decision on exactly what kind of balayage hair color for blondes they would like.

Balayage hair color for blondes

Balayage on blond hair is one of the most common and “easiest” to create because the lightening process is easier than on a darker base. That said, no balayage is “easy”: it’s your precision and skill that makes for a great balayage.

What type of balayage is your client really asking for? A classic balayage on blond hair, or perhaps its more subtle version, a chic and effortlessly elegant French balayage?

What is a partial balayage for blond hair

While a full balayage covers the entire head, lightening the appearance of the hair throughout, a partial balayage for blond hair focuses on far fewer sections, usually just the surface layer and/or around the face. Why ask for a partial blond balayage instead of a full one? A partial balayage gives a more subtle, sunkissed effect, and is a popular choice for women trying the balayage technique for the first time.

Best balayage for dark blond hair

Freehand Techniques Powder is an ultra-compact lightening powder created specifically for balayage. It lifts up to 6 levels, making it ideal to create the best balayage for dark blond hair.

To create a delicious butterscotch blond balayage on dark blond hair, mix equal parts Blond Studio Freehand Techniques Powder with 40-vol Developer.

Create single pieces in the back using diagonal sections, then two-point diagonal sections once you reach the crown.

At the sides and hairline, use the two or three-point techniques for optimum blond. After washing out the lightener, tone with the DIA Light Milkshake 9.03 mixed with 9-Vol DIActivateur Developer (process for ten minutes).

Balayage for light blond hair

One of the most popular types of balayage for light blond hair is a cool ash blond version. For this, create 1-inch sections starting from the scalp using Blond Studio Platinium Ammonia-Free and 30-vol. Nutri-Developer. Alternate diagonal application with hair painting. Process until desired level of lift achieved (time varies depending on hair quality and type). Apply the gloss formula throughout: equal parts DIA Light Clear and DIA Light 10.12/10BV with 6-vol. DIActivateur Developer. Leave for ten minutes, cleanse, and condition.

Balayage on blond hair with dark roots

Applying balayage hair color for blondes with visible roots requires expert mastery of blurring/blending techniques. When it comes to the formula, it depends on the intensity of the dark root growth, and the blond shade.

For clients who want to remain blond, but welcome a few darker tones closer to their original color, pull the color to 1-inch from the scalp and use a root shadow technique. But if your client wants to grow out her blond, pull the color down to 3-5 inches from the scalp and use a root melt technique to ensure there is no line of demarcation.