French touch: French girl haircut vs. French brown

When it comes to ''French hair," which do you like more about the look: the cut or the color?

French girl haircut

The haircut: The cut is layered and with wispy bangs. Hair can be kept long (which is what many French women prefer), or cut into a long bob or lob.

The style: French girl hair gets its inspiration from the classic 70s wavy hairstyles. It's meant to look approachable, a bit rock 'n' roll, and carefree –classic Parisian style! Don't hesitate to add texture to your locks to give yourself that bedhead look that so many French celebrities are known for (Brigitte Bardot anyone?).

What the editors say: If you've always envied French girls for how effortlessly beautiful they always look, you can finally achieve the same style with the French girl haircut. However - it's important to keep in mind that while this look is meant to appear like you woke up with gorgeous hair, it does require quite a bit of "behind-the-scenes" maintenance (i.e. frequent visits to the hair salon for upkeep).

French brown hair

The color: French brown hair is a deep (but subtle) rich brown shade, and isn't meant to contain any golden or copper highlights. Depending on your natural hair color you might have to get your hair pre-colored in order to achieve the depth French brown requires. One French celebrity you should print pictures of to show your hairdresser what you mean by "French Brown" is Eva Green.

The style: French brown is a gorgeous color and a wonderful option if you want to go brunette this season, instead of platinum or polar blonde. And the cherry on top? It will make your hair look naturally shiny.

What the editors say: If you're only looking to add a "French touch" to your classic style then French brown hair is a wonderful way to do it. And who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with the color so much that you'll end up booking an appointment at the salon in the future to try out the whole French girl hair look!

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