3 Cool Tone Hair Colors To Try According To L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

Cool tone hair colors are in high-demand at the moment, but what do your clients really know about ashy hair? From Beige Blonde hair color to Ashy Gold hair, this article will answer some of the most common questions your clients may have about going #backtocool!

Cool tone hair colors are created by neutralizing warm tones in a client’s hair using cool undertones ash (.1), iridescent (.2), and matte (.7) to create a wide array of rich and vibrant shades. They’re a great option for clients looking for a luminous and natural-looking hair color that complements their complexion.

What your clients need to know about cool tone hair colors

Once your clients know the basics, they may have some additional questions:

Can cool tone hair colors be achieved on light or dark hair?

Both! As you know, the tone has nothing to do with the level of a person’s hair, which means that an ashy effect can be adapted to suit the lightest of blondes and the darkest of brunettes.

Can cool tone hair colors be achieved at home?

Experts strongly recommend against it! Using a purple toning shampoo at home is fine (and even advised), but attempting to DIY the perfect ashy hair color is a recipe for disaster and can lead to hair with a distinctly muddy or green appearance. Neutralizing warm tones with cool ones requires all the expertise and know-how of a professional!

How to choose the perfect cool hair color?

Choosing the right cool tone hair color should be a collaboration between client and stylist! Ask your clients to come to their appointment with plenty of photos for inspiration, including looks they love and looks they don’t like, as both can be helpful in deciding on the perfect shade amongst the many possibilities!

Your technical skill and creativity will come into play as you guide your client to a shade that will suit their complexion and eye color. You’ll also have to take their current hair color and condition into consideration. If your client is currently a dark brunette with moderate damage, opting for a medium brown Iridescent hair color.

How can professionals make cool tone hair colors stand out?

Cool tone hair colors look best when two or more shades are used to create a bespoke duotone effect, such as French balayage! or Smoky Hair! For subtle results, you might opt for two shades that are two levels apart (for example, 5,1 at the roots with 7,1 along the lengths for a rich and luminous Intense Ashy Brown). However, the sky's the limit: don’t be afraid to suggest a more intense contrast or introduce even more shades for a truly multidimensional finish, depending on your client’s personal tastes.

Cool tone hair colors: professional tips for a successful Beige Blonde hair color

One of the most popular cool tone hair colors of the moment is Beige Blonde hair color, a cool tone champagne that’s super reflective. A highly neutralized and harmonious mix of warm and cool shades, the color is perfected with ashy undertones for a flawless smoky finish. If your client already has blonde hair with a touch of gold, then adding a coloration with ash as a primary undertone and iridescent or matte as a secondary undertone will automatically help you achieve the neutralization you’re after.

Have you had clients asking for Cold Beige? A cross between dark blonde and light brown, Cold Beige is an ashy hair color with distinctly cool undertones. Look to hair color products infused with super cool reflects such as Majirel to achieve this unique and versatile color.

Cool tone hair colors: Iridescent hair and Ashy Gold hair

Iridescent hair is another trendy cool tone hair color that can be adapted to either blonde or brunette hair colors, using the power of iridescent pigments to create the illusion of multidimensional waves of color in the hair. Popular shades include Iridescent Ash Blonde (Majirel 10.21, an opal-like blonde hair color with high luminosity) and Frozen Rosé (Majirel Glow L21, a violet-toned translucent glaze for any level from 10-1).

Ashy Gold hair combines an ashy blonde root shadow shade with wide strokes of light ashy golden blonde for a natural-looking, high gloss finish. For this look, Majirel Cool Inforced 7,13 delivers a dose of ashy pigment and luminous highlight to give the appearance of volume.

How to take care of cool tone hair colors at home

Taking care of your clients' cool tone hair colors doesn’t stop when they walk out of the salon! At the end of their coloration service, be sure to walk them through the appropriate hair care routine according to their hair color.

You already know that using traditional hair care products can strip hair of its cool pigments, so clients should opt for shampoo and conditioner that’s formulated specifically to protect the cool tone pigments in their hair, such as L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Serie Expert Silver Shampoo and Conditioner. The deep purple shampoo is enriched with magnesium and anti-yellowing agents to counteract brassiness with every use.

From Ashy Gold hair to a Beige Blonde hair color, any client with cool tone hair can benefit from a personalized L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Serie Expert Mix Factory hair mask to maintain their color. The treatment can be personalized with specific boosters and color shots to neutralize warm undertones while providing salon-quality hair care at home.