#Colorfulhairflash professional hair make-up for every occasion

It's festival season, and the perfect excuse to try a unique, stand-out colorful hair look. L'Oréal Professionnel has developed the new Colorfulhair Flash Pro Hair Make-Up service for those who want to go bright and bold for just a weekend party. 

Colorfulhair Flash takes the concept of getting creative with face make-up and applies it to professional temporary hair color. No worries, it washes out in just one shampoo!

5-30 minute hair makeover

Like a nail or make-up bar, Colorfulhair Flash offers a quick personalized styling and color service. The entire process (both color and styling) takes no more than 30 minutes, and feels light and totally natural. Colorfulhair Flash washes out even more easily than make-up, i.e. in one shampoo, leaving you free to decide on your next look!

How does Colorfulhair Flash work?

Like eye shadow, the same pigments as make-up are applied onto the hair shaft, coating the fiber with a thin film. A big advantage is that Colorfulhair Flash shades are visible on all hair colors; there's no need to lighten hair beforehand. Its jelly texture makes it easy to apply, and prevents the color from running, allowing precise application and bold creations.

Get creative with colors and effects

To ensure your hair stands out from the festival crowd, Colorfulhair Flash offers 11 shades that can be mixed and used together to create a completely unique look. And, just like make-up, it offers a palette of different effects: Matte, Velvet and Interferential (a glittery, holographic finish). All the colors and effects can be used with styling tools, so you can have your dream festival hairstyle and perfect color creation!

Colorfulhair Flash festival hair inspiration

All that glitters...: Anyone who's been to a festival knows that glitter is a go-to. A thick side braid with glitter highlights not only keeps the hair out of your eyes when dancing, but adds a unique sophisticated element to your look.

Modern hippie: This quirky look offers a new take on the braided crown, with a thinner version sitting lower down on the forehead. A Mother-Nature-inspired shade of Purple Reign will ensure you really aren't a wallflower.

It's festival season, so get creative with temporary hair color!

Image credits: L'Oréal Professionnel

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