Burgundy hair, don't care: how to pull off one of the hottest hair trends

The latest must-have hair color for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd is... burgundy hair! So what's all the fuss about, should you consider the shade, and what are the best ways to take care of beautiful burgundy hair? All your answers, right here.


What is burgundy hair?

Burgundy is a hybrid hair color. How's that? Well, a classic burgundy shade contains both warm and cool tones, unlike most red hair colors which lean towards the warmer side of the spectrum. This means that burgundy hair looks great on almost all skin tones.

The color itself is a combination of purple and red, but can also include some orange. Variations on burgundy include claret (with dark red pigments) red velvet (red and orange tones), merlot (more purple) and grape (even more purple!) So there's not just one color for you to consider, nor one way of wearing it...

Different ways to wear burgundy hair

All-over burgundy is a very bold look. If you'd rather a more subtle, natural-looking version, you have options:

Burgundy hair with highlights...

A popular way of wearing burgundy hair is with warm caramel highlights that lift the look and reflect the light. It's also a way of counterbalancing the purple tones, and giving the overall impression of a rich brunette shade. Avoid light blond highlights, which will stand out too much over burgundy, and make your color look unnatural.

... and burgundy hair with lowlights!

Or you could opt for darker lowlights in shades of cocoa and dark brown. These will give depth to the hair, and the burgundy color will provide an intriguing purple-red shimmer. You could even opt for lowlights in a darker shade of burgundy, for a striking all-over color creation.

Or a burgundy balayage

While highlights and lowlights start at the roots and are created using foils, the balayage technique involves your stylist literally painting colors directly onto the hair, starting from the tips and working upwards. This is how you can get a multi-tonal yet natural effect using different shades. Think subtle sweeps of red burgundy over a brunette base, or dark rich burgundy over an orange shade.

Burgundy on blond hair

If you're starting with a blond base, be careful about your color contrasts. If the colors are too different, the result will look unnatural. It was a popular 90s trend, but not one that we've seen come back around... We recommend the strandlighting technique, which involves coloring very small sections of the hair at a time. Instead of your stylist coloring locks of hair, they paint sections almost strand-by-strand. The result is incredibly natural and a great way to subtly incorporate burgundy onto blond hair.

The best ways to keep burgundy hair color bright

Two of the biggest concerns when it comes to maintaining burgundy-colored hair are: a) preventing color fade, and b) avoiding any brassy tones developing.

Stay bright!

You wanted a bold shade of burgundy, not a washed-out pastel, so use the appropriate haircare to prevent the color from being sapped from the hair fiber. We recommend the Vitamino Color A-OX haircare collection, designed to gently cleanse the hair while boosting its radiance and protecting the color.

Stay burgundy (not orange)!

Brassiness develops when the cool tones in burgundy wash out, leaving an orange/red tint. The key is in using the right hair dye. Ask your stylist about the INOA hair color collection, specifically designed to adhere to the hair and not develop those unwanted orange undertones.

Be bold and beautiful this season with the hottest hair color, burgundy!

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