3 stunning balayage blonde hair inspirations

What is balayage blonde hair, and should it be your next hair color? We take an in-depth look into the magic behind a beautiful balayage, and how creative you can get with blonde... Plus, these three gorgeous blonde balayages to choose from!

Champagne on top, caramel underneath

If you look closely at this color creation, you'll see that there are several shades at work here. The eye is instinctively drawn to the cool champagne tones of the top layers, but if you look a little closer you'll spot darker coppery tones underneath. The lighter colors give radiance, while the darker ones provide depth and texture. The placement of each colored section also shows off the shape to the hair: in this case, a natural light wave.

Dark brunette, creamy blonde contrast

Blonde balayage is usually known for its subtlety, but it doesn't have to be! There's no reason why you can't ask your stylist to use the balayage technique to create a creamy blonde contrast over a much darker base. This also offers real versatility when it comes to styling, where you can play with the color contrasts.

Golden blonde with a hint of pink

You can't get much warmer than this blonde hair balayage, starring bright honey and golden blonde tones, with the faintest hint of pink that gives it an almost strawberry blonde shimmer depending on the light. To really showcase your shine, use a few drops of hair oil after towel drying. We love the Blondifier collection, especially its Illuminating shampoo and conditioner for really showing off blonde tones. The Blonde Bestie Spray Top-Coat is also ideal for nourishing blonde colored hair and giving it the radiance it deserves.

What actually is balayage?

Many people get confused between balayage, ombre, dip dye and highlights. Here's a quick breakdown of the difference:


Balayage is a technique that involves "painting" color directly onto the hair, usually starting from the tips upwards. You can use the balayage technique to create...


Ombre is an effect where your root color gradually turns into a lighter shade down the lengths. The most popular ombre color combination is brunette-to-blonde. The gradient is subtle, unlike...

Dip dye

The clue is in the name. Dip dye hair literally looks like you have dipped your hair in a pot of color. The result is an obvious line separating the two shades. For less noticeable color play, think about...


Highlights involve foils, unlike balayage, which are used to place lighter colors onto your hair. Starting at the roots, sections of hair are encased in foil, then painted all the way down and the foil sections are closed and heated for color absorption.

How to stop balayage blonde hair going brassy

One of the main concerns after having your hair lightened (this applies to both balayage and traditional highlights) is preventing those unwanted brassy/orange undertones from emerging after a period of time. It starts with using the right hair color. Ask your stylist about the permanent INOA hair color line, and its High Resist technology, which prevents brassiness for up to 42 shampoos.

At home, use the Blondifier haircare collection to keep your blonde balayage beautiful. The Gloss shampoo gives maximum shine, while the Cool shampoo is designed specifically to nurture those cool and neutral hues – your daily defense against brassiness. Try the Blondifier Masque with acai berry for a weekly hair treat and more radiant, longer-lasting color!

Image credits: L'Oréal Professionnel

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