The best products for thinning hair

When it comes to treatments targeting thin hair, the advanced technology of L’Oréal’s advanced research has led to the invention of a renowned haircare range.

When it comes to haircare treatments targeting thin hair, the advanced technology of L’Oréal’s advanced research on the biological mechanism that governs the scalp and hair, has led to the invention of the renowned anti-thinning haircare range SERIOXYL by L’Oréal Professionnel.


Thinning hair is generally caused by two factors: loss in hair density, that is to say less hair per cm2, and a smaller hair diameter. The time when hair starts thinning has many factors: family history, age, diet, stress, hormones or even lifestyle habits are part of the long list of factors.

In-salon & At-home

Your personnalized thickening haircare program starts  at your L’Oréal Professionnel salon through professional diagnosis. Our expert hairdressers apply a clarifying and densifying shampoo and conditionner, followed by a serum concentrated in high tech and efficient molecules: STEMOXYDINE and RESVERATROL . To finish off, the hairdresser applies a volumizing colored spray that hide sparse areas for denser-looking hair.

Anti-thinning haircare

Initiated by a thorough hair thinning diagnosis from your L’Oréal Professionnel expert hairdresser, this global solution is perfectly suited to tackle hair thinning for colour-treated or natural hair, acting on the main symptoms. 

Its unique formula, based on STEMOXYDINE, INTRA-CYLANEtm and RESVERATROL, allows for a tactile and visible improvement of thin hair from root to end. SERIOXYL effectively combats hair thinning by restoring fibre density, improving resistance to breakage and providing energy and nutrients to help the hair follicle fulfil its role.