All about Argan Oil


Argan Oil : a natural product for effective haircare

A star ingredient in L’Oréal’s Mythic Oil range, this precious oil is extracted from the legendary Argan tree of Morocco. Rich in Vitamin E, it protects and replenishes your mane, taming unruly curls and intensifying shine for all hair types. Yet Argan oil is so much more than a wonderful beauty treat… 

The Argan forest in southern Morocco

The Argan tree is largely found on the Souss plain bordering the Sahara desert, where it features in the second largest forest ecosystem in Morocco – sheltering one third of the country’s plant species in addition to a wide variety of birds and animals. Known locally as “the tree of life”, the Argan tree is extremely resistant to drought. It acts as a natural barrier against the advance of the desert, which helps to protect water resources, a precious commodity in this arid region. In 1998, UNESCO recognized the importance of the Argan forest and classified it as a biosphere reserve. This highlights the need to protect it from clearing and over-exploitation.

Empowering women in local communities and maintaining biodiversity.

The Argan forest is a major source of income for about 6% of Morocco’s rural population and up to 90% of the economy in the Argan forest region. L’Oréal was one of the first companies to commit to worldwide Biological Diversity principles, respecting, protecting and valuing biodiversity in the sustainable sourcing of its natural ingredients. 

Argan oil is extracted locally from the kernels of the fruit, which are hand-picked by women from local communities. L’Oréal has operated policies of fair trade and sustainable sourcing in partnership with its Argan oil supplier and with Yamana, a non-governmental organization. This program has helped to ensure the future supply of this high quality natural ingredient and the preservation of the Argan forest’s biodiversity, thanks to strict harvesting guidelines.

L’Oréal’s Fair Trade Argan Oil program not only means an improved quality of life for these female workers and their families, but also greater economic and social development in the region as a whole. These women have more financial independence, more training, more say in decision-making, and improved social status. Today there are more than 200 women working in six production cooperatives, one extraction and oil facility, and 15 preparation cooperatives. The program has increased local awareness of the Argan forest’s importance both as a source of fair wages and as a vital ecosystem. For instance, Argan wood in the area is no longer used as charcoal, and similar fair trade programs are being developed for other natural ingredients sourced in the area.

Argan Oil in L’Oréal’s Mythic Oil product range:gorgeous hair thanks to this ingredient!

Opening a Mythic Oil bottle is like unsealing an age-old beauty secret, retold by Queens of the Orient…

Crème universelle

A multi-use cream for all hair types, the product was inspired by the ancient Grecians who coated their body and hair in precious oils. Highly concentrated in fairly traded Argan oil and infused with almond oil, this creamy balm glides onto the hair to provide a nourishing feel, smoothing the hair fiber. It can be used in-shower before shampoo, as a rinse-out conditioner, or as a pre-styling step before blow-drying.

Oil Rich Masque (for thick hair)     

Inspired by the tradition of Indian oil bathing, this is your hairdresser’s secret for magnificent hair, discipline and shine. Highly concentrated in fairly traded Argan oil and infused with myrrh extract, this unctuous mask tames unruly, thick hair with an instant, intense nutrition.

Oil Detangling Balm (for thick hair)          

This caring balm coats the hair in a protective film for easier detangling and shine enhancement. 

Oil Shampoo (for thick hair)           

Infused with fairly traded Argan oil and Myrrh extract, its generous foam gently cleanses and tames thick, unruly hair. It provides nourishment and shine, leaving hair with a gorgeously soft touch.